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Thank you for reading my blog which is intended at all those who are considering some form of training in SAP now or in the future. I hope at the end of this simple but straightforward blog, the long outstanding myth on undergoing an SAP Training is unraveled.

What does one gain with some training in SAP?

Before one goes to understand the enormous benefits obtained with acquiring SAP training and knowledge expertise, let me take you through a quick journey of what the world of business looks like with the world’s best Enterprise Business Solution like SAP.

SAP has been the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions vendor to major Corporates and Enterprises the world over since 1970s. The SAP Software has been able to integrate all facets of a business into one system (for example – Integrate Finance, Logistics, HR etc of a company with one permanent Software solution). As a result, nearly 90% of the Large Enterprises and even Small and Medium Enterprises are on SAP.

In Singapore from where I am writing this, the word SAP and Singapore are synonymous with each other. Right from Government to SME’s – SAP is prevalent and more and more Companies of varying sizes are opting for SAP solutions with different flavours (e.g.: Large and Small Enterprise SAP solutions for which we provide training and Small and Medium Business SAP Solutions – SAP A1 and B1 solutions).

So where do you stand without SAP Training ?

If 45% of the global economy is supported on SAP systems, it only goes to show that as an individual, you will by some hook or by crook, be working in an SAP run business or somewhere related to this ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning Solution).

So if you do have strong business knowledge and experience , enhance it with a Solution Consultant Certification specializing in one of the following


Financial Accounting [FI]

Management Accounting [CO]

Human Capital Management [HCM or HR]

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

  • Production Planning [PP]
  • Procurement or Material Management [MM]
  • Order Fulfillment or Sales and Distribution [SD]

Logistics and Warehouse Management [LE & WM]

Product Life Cycle Management [PLM modules]

  • Plant Maintenance [PM]
  • Project management  or Project Systems [PS]
  • Quality Management [ QM]

Customer Relationship Management [CRM]

Supplier Relationship Management [ SRM]


Advanced Business Applications Programming  [ABAP] / even JAVA expertise helps to apply that knowledge across web server based applications in SAP

System Administrations [ BASIS]

Other Enhanced Expertise includes

Business Intelligence [ BI]

BPX Skillsets [ Business Process Experts]

SAP Enterprise Management [ SEM]

SAP Governance Risk Council [ GRC]

Integration of Business Processes

SAP Business Process Consolidation [ BPC]

Typically the Instructor led training for such certification modules are between 10 days to 20 days in duration offered Full Time – Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm .

Part time training is also offered typically at selected days of the week after regular work hours.

Value –  Take Away for each of the certification tracks

–          Industry’s most recognized Professional IT certifications

–          Globally recognized

–          Enables Career Switches and better careers and compensatory benefits.

–          Paves the way for Cross Functional knowledge expertise (e.g.: SD–>MM OR SD–>CRM)

–          Above all – stay relevant to growing Industry needs.

If you do not wish to undertake risks and invest for these professional training with certifications or do not have the required domain expertise to qualify for Consultant Profiles, you can opt for specialized End User /Role Based Skills training.

These are typically 1 days to 5 days in duration and offered full time as well as part time.

(I am not highlighting in this blog, learning through E-Academy/U-Academy/Virtual Classroom Training, which will touched upon in my ensuing writeup sessions)

Value – Take Away from such training

–          Obtain Level 1 Overview knowledge of specific topic areas from either the Functional or the Technology areas of SAP business governance.

–          Obtain specific skills learning how to use SAP module(s) relevant to your Role Play / End User – Level 2 training.

These are typical 1 days to 5 days in duration offered Full Time and part time.

So if you think you have the passion to make the most of it from working with a SAP Run business, give me a call or drop by for an appointment to discuss further.

Thanks and Warm Regards

Muhammad Shaamel


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Hi Folks,

I am back again but this time with an interview with one of the most widely acknowledged SAP Mentor, Jon Reed, President of Jon shares his inputs on various topics, from SAP Certification and its immense value, the various SAP Certification Levels to Business Process Experts skills transition.

Listeners of this podcast will find it very useful when Jon also comments on skillsets thats picking up and some that are either making way their out or put on hold.

Lessons learnt from the recently concluded SAP event SAPPHIRE 2009 are also

He summarises the podcast interview with an emphasis on networking for the benefit of SAP professional

Hi everybody,

With the growing relevance of this topic on SAP Certifications, there are many amongst us who appreciate the strong essence, the need and reflection of a company’s benefits with the world’s best ERP – SAP ERP. Despite this appreciation and realisation, many of such aspirants are unable to find out what would be the right and relevant SAP Certifications.

This podcast series is produced to answer most of these queries and quell any impending doubts that hound those who realise that with the right certifications, at the right time, anywhere, their journey towards an enriching and rewarding SAP experience is inevitable.

Keep a look out for more series of these podcasts that I intend to produce in capsules for one’s listening and general knowledge. Please feel free to contact me for any clarifications. I am also available on twitter under the name twitter@shaamel.

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