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I am back again but this time with an interview with one of the most widely acknowledged SAP Mentor, Jon Reed, President of JonERP.com. Jon shares his inputs on various topics, from SAP Certification and its immense value, the various SAP Certification Levels to Business Process Experts skills transition.

Listeners of this podcast will find it very useful when Jon also comments on skillsets thats picking up and some that are either making way their out or put on hold.

Lessons learnt from the recently concluded SAP event SAPPHIRE 2009 are also

He summarises the podcast interview with an emphasis on networking for the benefit of SAP professional

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With the growing relevance of this topic on SAP Certifications, there are many amongst us who appreciate the strong essence, the need and reflection of a company’s benefits with the world’s best ERP – SAP ERP. Despite this appreciation and realisation, many of such aspirants are unable to find out what would be the right and relevant SAP Certifications.

This podcast series is produced to answer most of these queries and quell any impending doubts that hound those who realise that with the right certifications, at the right time, anywhere, their journey towards an enriching and rewarding SAP experience is inevitable.

Keep a look out for more series of these podcasts that I intend to produce in capsules for one’s listening and general knowledge. Please feel free to contact me for any clarifications. I am also available on twitter under the name twitter@shaamel.

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